Company Advisor

Company Advisor is for:

  • Portfolios owned via a limited company

  • Landlords who want day to day phone support and ongoing tax advice

  • Portfolios that may include HMOs, furnished holiday lets and more

  • Companies that may have more complex structures

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To use Company Advisor, you'll need to:

  • Have a dedicated bank account for your portfolio, from one of our 20+ supported banks

  • Log in on a regular basis to keep your bookkeeping up to date

  • Review your returns and answer any questions our accountants have

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How many properties are in your portfolio?

Four property are included and there's a small additional charge for extra properties

How many HMO units are in your portfolio?

If your portfolio includes house in multiple occupation (HMOs), how many lettable rooms / units do you have in total?

Company incorporation & advice

If you need to incorporate a company, we can do this for you. In addition, we also offer a 45 minute tax consultation with one of our advisors to ensure your company structure is right for your goals.
I have already incorporated my company
Basic company incorporation only
Tax consultation & incorporation
+ £499.17 one-off

Do you need payroll?

If needed, we can set up a PAYE scheme for you, allowing you to pay salaries to employees. If you require payroll, please enter how many employees you have:

Do you need to file VAT returns?

VAT registration and quarterly returns are required for certain portfolios (such as commercial or holiday lets) over the VAT threshold.
Yes, I need to file VAT returns
+ £16.67 per month

Is your portfolio more advanced?

If you have a larger or mixed ownership portfolio, would like unlimited tax advice or have a group structure then take a look at Growth Advisor.

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Monthly cost
Company Advisor
Our service is subject to a 12 month minimum contract.