Property tax advice & consultations

Our one-to-one tax consultations are one of our most popular services. Uniquely, they're included as standard in our accountancy service.

Pre-call fact finding, to help us understand your goals and questions

One-to-one telephone call with a property tax advisor

Advice and guidance on topics of your choice

Call recorded and emailed to you, so you can listen back any time

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Tailored tax advice for property investors

We're passionate about property and we know that good tax advice can help investors thrive, and achieve their goals sooner.

That's why we provide tailored tax advice via our one-to-one tax consultations, and they're included in our service as standard.

From mitigating section 24 (mortgage interest relief), to managing tax when flipping, expert advice from our accountants is available whenever you need it.

One-to-one phone calls

Get the advice you need from our experienced UK property tax advisors

Listen back, any time

There's no need to take detailed notes. We'll record and email the call to you

From start-up to exit, we cover all tax topics

Our experienced property tax advisors are here to answer all of your questions, no matter which stage of investment you're at. Here are some typical questions we answer:

Portfolio structure

How should you structure your property portfolio to best achieve your goals?

Building a portfolio

How can you maximise your profits, after tax, to grow your portfolio?

Passing on an inheritance

What strategies are available for passing on a portfolio as an inheritance?

Drawing an income

How can you draw a regular monthly income from your portfolio?

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What our clients say

"Really great session - thoroughly recommended. Chris was very professional and knowledgeable."

"The session was extremely helpful for me in understanding more and in making the right decisions."

"He knew his stuff! Happy with advice confirming what I thought from an expert."

"Chris was clear and concise, not only did he show me options tailored to my specific requirements, but he also explained how and why those options made sense. I have had other tax advice that gives you an opinion but without the reasoning. I'd recommend Provestor to anyone. Thanks!"

"I have been struggling to find the right person for advice regarding my property portfolio. Now I can sleep easier with the advice I was given, I'm so grateful and can now confidently move forward with my business."

Interested in Provestor? Let's have a chat!

If you've got unanswered questions, chat with one of our friendly team members today.

We'll talk through your goals, make sure we're the right fit, and help you onto the next stage of your property journey, stress-free.

Tax advice included as standard in our service

All of our accountancy services include tax consultations as standard. It's simple to arrange a consultation - use our online booking system to choose a day and time that suits you.

Personal Adviser

4 tax consultations included per year. Designed for small, personally owned portfolios.

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Company Adviser

4 tax consultations included per year. Designed for small, company owned portfolios.

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Growth Adviser

Unlimited tax consultations. Designed for investors with growing portfolios.

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Available as a one-off, too

If you need tax advice, but aren't ready for our complete accountancy service, you can now purchase a tax consultation for £249. What's more, we'll refund the fee if you then appoint us as your accountant.

Property tax consultation

£249Including VAT

Book a 45-minute property tax consultation with one of our accountants for one-to-one advice and guidance.

Our clients receive these property tax consultations as part of our service. Therefore, if you appoint us as your accountant we'll refund the cost of this consultation in full.

Our consultation includes:

  • A one-to-one telephone call with an accountant

  • Pre-call fact-finding, to help us understand your goals

  • Advice and guidance on topics of your choice

  • We'll record the call and email it to you, so you can listen back, any time

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