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Ensure your buy-to-let limited company is set up correctly from the start. With Provestor, avoid costly tax errors and complete your purchase with confidence, building a solid foundation for your investment.

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Limited companies:
the new standard for buy-to-lets

It’s now straightforward to buy property via a company. Combined with the flexibility they offer, it’s no wonder they're now the first choice for investors.

Buy-to-let limited companies started in 2023
Buy-to-let properties are now bought via limited companies
4 out of 5
Buy-to-let properties are owned via limited companies
Video: how do limited companies work?
Watch this video to discover the benefits of using a limited company for property investment.

Limited company start up

Work with the property tax experts for stress-free start up and completion

At Provestor, we don't stop at start up. Our service helps you right the way through to completion, tax returns and beyond.

Choose your structure
Select the limited company structure that best fits your investment goals.
Company start up
We’ll register your limited company and handle all the necessary paperwork.
Fund your purchase
Open a bank account, transfer your funds, and let our app keep your tax records in order.
Complete on your purchase
Complete on your buy-to-let property and use our app to keep your accounts updated.

Provestor: the smart choice for starting your limited company

When set up correctly, limited companies offer unmatched flexibility and protection. Start your company with Provestor and we'll take care of the details, so you can avoid costly tax mistakes and focus on buying your property.

Designed for property.
We'll set up your company specifically for property investment, and handle the tax compliance too.
Tailored for you.
We offer a range of company structures, personalised to fit your unique investment needs.
Mortgage-friendly set up.
We'll ensure your company meets lender requirements for buy-to-let mortgages.
On-demand tax advice.
If you need tax advice, our chartered tax advisors will guide you on the best setup and structure for your situation.

Company structures

Find the perfect fit for your investments

When it comes to limited companies, don't settle for "one size fits all". With Provestor, you can choose a company structure that's as unique as your investment goals.

Ordinary Company
A straightforward, low-cost structure with ordinary shares, ideal for solo investors.
Optimised Company
Includes alphabet shares, ideal for couples and those looking to get more from their company.
Bespoke Company
Custom-built by our lawyers for investors with complex needs and advanced share structures.
Which company is right for you?
Take our quick quiz to find out, instantly.

Tax advice

Get more from your investment with expert tax advice

If you need tax advice, our impartial chartered property tax advisors are here to help.

They can help you decide if a limited company is right for you, and provide advice on structuring your company to meet your investment goals.

Buy a tax consultation now to ensure your property investment strategy is optimised and avoid last-minute stress.

Why start your company with Provestor?

We'd love to be part of your property investment journey. Here are a few reasons why Provestor is the smart choice.

Property tax experts
We're one of the UK's leading property tax and accountancy firms, with passion and expertise in property investment.
Comprehensive service
From start up and completion, all the way to accounts and tax returns, we cover all your tax needs.
Tailored for you
Don't settle for "one size fits all". With Provestor you'll get a company and service that's perfect for you.
On-demand tax advice
Only pay for the expert tax advice you need, if and when you need it, with our chartered tax advisors.
Fast setup
We'll get your limited company up and running quickly and correctly, so you can focus on purchasing your property.
Low cost service
You'll be hard-pressed to beat our prices and value. Get the tax service that's right for you, without breaking the bank.



Ordinary Company

Designed for simplicity, ideal for companies with a single shareholder


Plus £14.99 per month for company accounts & tax returns

  • Single shareholder with ordinary shares

  • Essential tax features

  • Company accounts & tax return

Optimised Company

Most popular

Support for alphabet shares, ideal for two shareholders


Plus £24.99 per month for company accounts & tax returns

  • Up to two shareholders

  • Ordinary and A/B share structures supported

  • Exclusive guide, written by our Head of Tax, to help you feel confident about setting up your company in the most tax-efficient way

  • Lawyer-authored incorporation documents, tailored to BTL investors

  • Mortgage-friendly setup

  • Company accounts & tax return

Bespoke Company

Comprehensive tax features, support and advice for advanced investors


Plus £89 per month for company accounts & tax returns

  • Supports multiple shareholders including family investment structures

  • Advanced share structures, including Smart, Growth and Freezer

  • Bespoke incorporation by a corporate lawyer

  • Comprehensive accounts and tax returns prepared by our accountants

  • Day-to-day email and telephone support from a named account manager

  • Four 30 minute tax consultations each year

  • Additional app features for complex companies


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Can Provestor support me after I form my company?
Is a limited company the right choice for me?

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