James Poyser, CEO, receives the Queen's Award for Innovation

The story of Provestor

We’re a specialist accountancy practice for property investors, founded by property investors. It’s our mission to make being a property investor as hassle-free and as profitable as possible.


We started our accountancy firm and welcomed our first clients.


Our real-time tax engine won the Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation.


We welcomed on board our 1,000th client, with industry-leading satisfaction scores.


We launched Provestor, to specifically support property investors.

We’re here to support professional and semi-professional investors

Increased regulation, abolishment of fees, removal of tax incentives, extra stamp duty; it’s becoming more complex to be a property investor. But the need for rental property and holiday lets remains stronger than ever, and yields remain high.

As a result, there’s been a shift in the market. So-called ‘dinner-party’ or ‘accidental’ landlords are selling up, put off by the perceived burden. They’re being replaced by a new wave of level-headed, professional and semi-professional property investors who see the opportunity.

A modern accountant for savvy clients

We’ve witnessed this ourselves. Over the last decade, we’ve seen more and more clients from our sister practice, inniAccounts, invest in properties. Driven by strong yields and low interest rates, they’re seeking better returns for their hard-earned cash, whilst also taking advantage of the low cost of borrowing.

Our clients are typically savvy, but busy - property isn’t normally their main source of income. This means they’re often balancing their work lives, family lives and their investments. They’re looking for a modern accountant to simplify their lives - not make it more complex.

Hassle-free accountancy for property investors

That’s why we launched Provestor. We took our extensive accountancy experience and designed a bespoke accountancy service, from the ground up, specifically for property investors. We’ve tailored every part of our service, from the features in our app to the training we deliver to our team, and our fixed-fee pricing, to make being a property investor as hassle-free and profitable as possible.