From setup to success, parter with Provestor for your limited company

For hassle-free limited company tax, choose Provestor's all-in-one solution. Spend less time on tax, and more time growing your portfolio. Now from just £14.99 per month.

All-in-one tax solution

Everything you need to manage your limited company's tax

With Provestor, we uniquely bring together expert tax advice, company setup, an accounting app, and tax returns - all in one place.

Tax Advice
Talk through your options and increase your confidence by booking a tax consultation with our Chartered Property Tax Advisors.
Company Start Up
For a smooth start and to avoid costly mistakes, our expert team can incorporate your limited company, for less than you think.
Accounting App
Keep on top of your finances in minutes with our easy-to-use accounting app, designed specifically for landlords.
Accounts & Tax Returns
Prepare and directly submit your accounts and tax returns, giving you effortless tax compliance without the worry.

Limited company start up

You start looking for properties, we'll start your company

Secure your property deal, safe in the knowledge our expert team has handled your company setup. We’ll make sure everything is done right, so you can focus on what matters most - your property.

Property specialists.
Our expert team will tailor your company specifically for property investment.
Mortgage-friendly set up.
We'll make sure your company is lender-ready for BTL mortgages.
Range of share structures.
We offer a wide range of share structures, and a bespoke service for complex companies.

Accounting software

Tame your taxes with simple, step-by-step software

Our exclusive accounting software is straightforward to use, cuts through the jargon and makes it easy to keep on top of your company’s finances and tax.

All your key company info, from shareholder details to property valuations, are stored in one place. Manage your company and stay compliant with minimal effort.


Join the landlords who've discovered the Provestor advantage

“I don't have any accountancy knowledge, but their software makes it so easy to keep everything up to date.”


“I would certainly recommend Provestor - they offer good value for money and efficient service”


“Whether your starting out on your property investment journey, or already have several properties, Provestor is by far the most well informed, solutions based company for property investors that I have ever come across in my 15 years of property investment.”


“I have been using Provestor for around a year. Their software is excellent.”


“The setting up of my limited company was swift and faultless. Excellent customer service!”


“It was pretty daunting setting up a limited company, but I'm still amazed how easy it's been.”


Advisory Service

A service that grows with you

As your portfolio expands, the complexity of your financial needs grows too. Provestor’s Advisory Service is the next step for investors seeking a deeper level of support and tax expertise.

Why choose Provestor?

Provestor is the all-in-one tax solution for landlords

We're on a mission to build the best landlord tax service. From effortless company start up, to hassle-free bookkeeping and tax returns, with Provestor consider your taxes done.

The property tax specialists
Built by property tax experts, exclusively for property investors.
Everything an investor needs
From company startup to filing accounts, Provestor covers all your tax needs.
Exclusive accounting app
Spend less time on admin with our fast, accurate and easy to use tax app.
Tailored to you
Personalise your company and your service to fit your unique needs.
Full range of services
Opt for self-guided independence or select our Advisory Service for expert assistance.
Grows with you
Our tax services grow with your ambitions and your portfolio.


Build your perfect limited company service

From straightforward tax compliance, to comprehensive tax support, with Provestor you can find your perfect service.


Ordinary Companies

Designed for simplicity, ideal for companies with a single shareholder

£14.99per month

  • Single shareholder with ordinary shares

  • Essential tax features

  • Company accounts & tax return

Optimised Companies

Most popular

Support for alphabet shares, ideal for two shareholders

£24.99per month

  • Up to two shareholders

  • Ordinary or A/B share structures

  • Essential tax features

  • Company accounts & tax return

Company Advisor

Comprehensive tax features, support and advice for advanced investors

£89.00per month

  • For larger or more complex companies

  • Day-to-day email and telephone support from a named account manager

  • Comprehensive accounts and tax returns prepared by our accountants

  • Four 30 minute tax consultations each year

  • Additional app features for complex portfolios

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