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Provestor updates

Software update: August-21

Paul Nicklin

Welcome to the first Provestor software update blog! 👋 We’re very lucky to have a superb in-house team of developers working on our award-winning accountancy software. Going forward, we’ll be sharing the latest software releases, technical news and updates from our development team.

What’s new?

18th August 2021:

We’ve added 3 new features to the Provestor software

  1. Notes section added to Tenancies

  2. Safety & certificate section

  3. Property valuation tracker

✍ Tenancy notes

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a handy notes section to Tenancies so you can capture those useful nuggets of information in one place. You can filter your notes by date and archive them to keep organised.

🚨 Safety & certificate section

Store all of the safety information and certification for your property (or each individual flat or HMO room) in one place. This new addition to the Properties tab helps you keep on top of safety renewal deadlines with traffic light colour coding.

📈 Property valuation tracker

See how much your property is worth at a glance with our new valuation tracker. Simply enter your property’s value, plus the source and any supporting documents to monitor the growth in your investment property over time.

Log into your Provestor account to explore the new features with your own data.

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Paul Nicklin

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