Reporting income on your Self Assessment

Self Assessment tax returns allow for a variety of personal tax matters to be reported to HMRC. We make it easy to share the information our accountants need to prepare your tax returns.

Self Assessment needs to capture income from all sources, where tax has already been paid on the income or not.

It is not uncommon to receive untaxed income from other sources. Examples include:

  1. Dividends from other companies

  2. Self employed income

  3. Capital gains

  4. Earnings from overseas

  5. Income from personally owned properties

This income needs to be reported on the Self Assessment tax return and any tax due calculated for payment to HMRC.

Providing Provestor with your information

We've made it easy to send us your information in our online questionnaire that we'll send you a link to on email. You'll be able to tell us about your tax affairs and upload and documents we need.

Heads up on personally owned rental property records! 

If you hold properties in your personal name and not inside a limited company, rental income and expenditure needs to be included on your Self Assessment. We'll need details of this if you don't maintain your personal portfolio in Provestor online software.

Please note: If you prefer to send us your records in your format, that's fine, but please be aware that an additional fee applies.

In order to prepare your tax return we'll need some details, for example:

  1. Whether they are furnished or unfurnished

  2. If it is let jointly

  3. Details of rental income and related expenses

If you are subscribed to Personal or Growth Adviser, you'll be keeping your records for personally owned properties in Provestor online accounting software.

If you are subscribed to Company Adviser and hold properties in your personal name that need to be included on your Self Assessment, we also need your records in a Provestor format. As your personal portfolio records will not be in our online accounting software, we'll need you to provide those records in our spreadsheet.

Click here to download our spreadsheet.