Introduction to your online property portfolio

Provestor is not simply an online accounting application. Our focus is on making it easy to manage your portfolio records and finances, and to help you keep on top of important actions.

This guide is a great place to begin when getting started with Provestor. It provides you an overview of some of the key sections of Provestor online and how you'll use and benefit from them.

Over time as you capture records about your portfolio, you'll get reminders about important actions and useful insights into your portfolio finances.

Portfolio dashboard

The dashboard provides you with an at a glance view of your portfolio. From here you'll see and can explore a high level view of your portfolio finances and see important reminders and take action.

Find out more about your dashboard here or visit your dashboard.


The Expenses screen allows you to record portfolio related expenses paid using personal money and travel related to your portfolio management when the journey was undertaken in a personal vehicle.

Expenses recorded here can then be reimbursed from your portfolio account to you or another person.

Any expenses paid direct from your portfolio specific bank accounts are not recorded here. They are entered in your bookkeeping screen.

Find out more expenses in this guide or view your expenses screen.

Properties & tenancies

This is where you'll make a start with your records in Provestor.

Your Account Manager will let you know when your first property has been added then from there you will be able to add tenancy details.

This important step will save you time as details for properties are used throughout the software for tracking so you don’t need to keep re-entering the same information.

Find out more about tenancies here.


You will use the invoicing screen to create and manage invoices for your tenants.

By setting up a tenancy agreement, your invoice will be pre-populated with your tenant’s details and with a few clicks your invoice will be ready to send. You can email your invoice direct to your tenant from the invoicing area.

Read more here or go to your rent section.


Whether salary payments to directors or employees, or dividends to shareholders, you'll find what you need to formalise payments in the withdrawals section. 


Bookkeeping is the heart of your company records and one of the most important tasks. Bookkeeping is straightforward and takes just a few minutes each month.

In this section of the software you'll keep an accurate record of your portfolio bank account transactions.

By keeping your bookkeeping transactions matched exactly to your bank statements, you can be confident that Provestor will provide you with an accurate view of your portfolio finances.

Read about bookkeeping in detail here or go to your bookkeeping.


Details of your taxes can be found in this section. Provestor will keep track of your taxes throughout the year and remind you what you need to pay, and when. 


We'll save important documents such as tax returns, accounts and letters we receive for you in the documents section of Provestor. 

Read more or visit your document store.

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