Adding a new tenancy

With your property added to Provestor you can add your first tenant. This is an important step to ensure complete records for HMRC and so you can keep track of rent payments.

End existing tenancies

If you already have a tenancy set-up for your property and they have now vacated it, you'll need to end the tenancy in Provestor.

Adding a tenant

In the Provestor menu, click Properties & tenancies, then tenancies. Click the button New tenancy agreement and select the relevant property from the list.

Add the following details about your tenant:

Tenancy details

  1. Name of tenant(s) - the person(s) that are renting your property / signing your agreement

  2. Tenancy terms - the dates the tenancy starts and ends

  3. Notes - any information you wish to record against the agreement


  1. Invoice name and address - the contact details of your tenant that will appear on your rent invoices. This will be their name and the address of your rental property

  2. Invoice email address - if you are emailing a copy of rent invoices to tenants, enter their email address

  3. Default description - add a short message to display on the invoices, for example 'Invoice for the rental of Cherry Cottage'

  4. Invoice theme - you can choose from a selection of themes or create your own

  5. Payment due after - these are the payment terms of your invoice

  6. Invoice message - this is for a longer message that will be displayed on your invoice. It's a good place to add your bank details for rent payments.

Once you've entered all the details, click save tenancy and you're now ready to set-up your first rent invoice your new tenant.