Refer a friend or colleague terms & conditions

Referrals are really important to us and it's a great way for you to tell others about Provestor. We don't have investors with deep pockets, instead we work extra hard to make our clients happy and ask you (nicely) for referrals.

For referring someone we like to give something in return. We may vary our rewards from time to time, or give away something extra.  

How to refer

  1. Login to Provestor and copy your personalised referral code from your dashboard

  2. Share it with your friends and colleagues - email, message, post-it note, or share it on your personal social media

  3. For each person that appoints Provestor and starts paying our monthly accountancy service fee, we'll credit you and your friend £50 each

As with all offers we need to explain a few rules to ensure it is fair for everyone.


To refer someone to Provestor, the referrer must be a Provestor client paying a monthly accountancy service fee, be it our Personal, Company or Growth Adviser services. There's no limit on the number of referrals.

The referred person must be a new client of Provestor having never used our services in the past. 

Social media posting

Provestor clients can post their referral code or unique referral links on personal social media accounts. Coupon websites and search engine marketing cannot be used to promote Provestor. 

The following words must not be used when posting on personal social media accounts:

  1. Discount

  2. Coupon

  3. Voucher

  4. Promo 


We may change our rewards from time to time or offer additional rewards. 

As a client of Provestor, for successful referrals we'll give you a £50 credit. Remember, there are no limits on the number of referrals you can make or the credits we'll give you.

For the referred friend or colleague, we'll give them a £50 credit too! 

Rewards to the referrer will be given when the referred friend or colleague starts paying a monthly accountancy service fee. 

What if ...

A referred friend or colleague cancels their Provestor service?

If they've completed a payment of at least one months Provestor accountancy service fee, you will retain your reward. If they don't make any payments of a monthly subscription, you will not receive your reward - sorry.

Provestor changes their rules or incentives?

We'll let all our clients know and we'll update this page.  

My account is in credit at the end of receiving Provestor services as a result of referral rewards?

The rewards have no official monetary value. This means they cannot be transferred, redeemed, exchanged or be refunded for proper cash. 

I want to transfer my rewards to someone else?

Sorry, that's not possible.

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