When we need to charge for Self Assessment tax returns

Our monthly accountancy subscriptions are designed to avoid any surprise bills and to make it easy for you to understand. There are a few occasions however where we need to charge a fee for Self Assessment that we explain here.

Tax return complexity

Our Personal Adviser package includes one standard self assessment and Growth Adviser includes two. Our Company Adviser does not include Self Assessment, however we can still take care of them for you and our fees are listed below. 

For those with more complex tax matters that need reporting, we have tiers for complex and specialist tax returns. For these we need to make additional charges due to the increased time required by our accountants or where senior support is required.

Don't miss your early filing discount!

There is one HMRC tax return where we have to carefully manage our workload, that's Self Assessment. With everyone having the same deadline, we can't risk everyone sending us their information in the final weeks! We ask our clients to submit their questionnaires with all the information before 31st October to benefit from our early filing discount. After this date an additional charge of £114 incl VAT is applied.

Service tiers and fees

Standard tax return

Includes income from:

  • Salary income

  • Dividends

  • Pension income or contributions

  • Savings interest

  • Charity giving

A fee of £114.00 incl VAT per return applies if:

- you were not subscribed to a monthly package on 5th Apr of the tax year the return is for


- you are subscribed to Company Adviser

Complex tax return

Includes any income from:

  • Privately owned properties when in Provestor format

  • Overseas income

  • Capital gains

  • CIS payments

  • Self employment calculations

£228.00 incl VAT

Specialist tax return

Includes any income from:

  • Non UK residents

  • Income from privately owned property if records in your format

  • Estates and trusts

  • Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)

  • Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS)

  • Venture Capital Investment Schemes (VCIS)

  • Other matters requiring specialist expertise

£513.00 incl VAT