Checklist - Starting a limited company

There are a lot of decisions you need to make as you begin the process of starting a limited company. Our checklist will give you some pointers.

Here's a list of questions to ask yourself when starting a limited company for property investment. 

Choosing a company name

Read our company name guidance here

Directors and shareholders

⃞ Have you decided who will be the company directors
⃞ Are all company directors aware of their duties and role within the company
⃞ Have you identified all the shareholders and discussed the structure of the company with them
⃞ Have you determined how many shares each shareholder will be issued?


⃞ Do you have a dedicated business phone number (either mobile or landline)
⃞ Have you identified a specific email address for your business?


⃞ Have you researched business bank accounts for their fees, interest rates and access to online services
⃞ Have you checked they support Open Banking (to connect to Provestor for automatic import of your transactions)
⃞ Have you decided on what accounts you need, for example: savings accounts, credit cards, PayPal accounts, etc.?


⃞ Have you researched what landlord insurances you need
⃞ Do you need employers’ liability insurance (are you employing anyone)
⃞ Do you need any lifestyle insurance, for example life insurance or income protection?

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