Using the bank statement importer

The intelligent features of the statement importer will save you time by allowing you to quickly match (reconcile) your records in Provestor against your bank statements.

You will use transactions from your bank to reconcile (match and add new) transactions you have in Provestor. The end result is an exact match of all your transactions in Provestor with your bank statement.

Each time you use the importer you will start from your last reconciled transaction where the balances on your bank statement will match your balance in Provestor. The process is to work through your new transactions from your bank statement in date order until they are all recorded in Provestor.

Manual check of you bank balance

We recommend you periodically check your business bank balances against the balance shown in your bookkeeping area to ensure an exact match is being maintained

Match transaction

When you create a transaction in Provestor for example a rent invoice or a payslip, it will appear in your importer ready match against your bank payment.

When you have identified the correct transaction from the suggestions, simply click the match button.

If the amount on your bank statement is a partial payment, for example you have not been fully paid for an invoice or if you have not fully paid a VAT payment to HMRC, use the match button against the Provestor transaction. This will leave the balance still due ready for when that payment appears on your bank statement as another transaction.

Record a new transaction

When there is a transaction on your bank statement that you didn’t create from Provestor, for example an adhoc expense or a bank charge, click the New button to create an entry.

Splitting payments

When a payment shown on your bank statement is related to more than one transaction in Provestor, you can split it. Clicking the Split button allows you to select multiple Provestor transactions.

An example is when you receive a single payment that shows on your bank statement that relates to two invoices you have created in Provestor. Click Split and select the two invoices the payment is made up of.

Making corrections

If you accidentally match the wrong Provestor transactions against a bank payment, simply click undo on your transactions to roll back to the incorrect transaction.

Should you need to correct the description, accounting category, VAT rate or make a transaction billable to a client, you don’t need to undo – instead click the pencil icon on the transaction to quickly edit the details.

You’ll only be able to edit or undo transactions if they have not been included on a VAT return. 

Advanced features and complex transactions

The statement importer has a number of advanced features including keyboard shortcuts and auto-complete. It is also designed to handle complex scenarios and transactions.

Read more about the advanced features in this guide.

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