Business Tax Account

The HMRC Business Tax Account is an online account which brings together all of your business taxes in one place. Once signed in, you can view a summary of your business’s tax position and use it to complete tasks such as making payments to HMRC. As agents, we have our own HMRC login and if we are authorised with HMRC we can also see similar information.

Setting up a Business Tax Account

You will need a Government Gateway ID to create a Business Tax Account:

  • Visit this HMRC page and select ‘Create sign in details’

  • Enter your email address and a code will be sent which will need to be entered within 30 minutes

  • Complete the remaining details on the form

  • You will then receive your Government Gateway ID

Adding a Tax Service

Once logged in, you can then add a specific tax to the account. You can do this by selecting ‘Add a tax, duty of scheme’, then by selecting the tax you would like to add.

You’ll require some information depending on the type of tax you are adding. For example, to add Corporation Tax you will need your 10 digit UTR number and then either your company registration number or the registered office postcode.

If you’re unsure of any of your details please contact your Account Manager.

HMRC will send an activation pin in the post within 10 days. Once the pin is entered you can start using the service.