Add or remove a property from Provestor

If you buy or sell a property we'll need some information from you. This will allow our accountants to set-up the property purchase or sale in Provestor so you can continue to maintain your portfolio records.

Bought a property

When you exchange and complete on your property our team can spring into action. They'll add your new property to your property register in Provestor. This will allow you to record expenses and set-up tenancies against it so you can invoice your tenants.

Our accountants will need a copy of your:

  1. Completion statement - this contains transactional details of the purchase needed to add your property to Provestor

  2. Mortgage agreement - if you have a mortgage on the property, our accountants will create a mortgage account in your bookkeeping screen. They need details of the amount borrowed, payments, interest rate and if it is an interest only or repayment mortgage. 

Once done, you'll be able to set up tenants, send invoices and record expenses related to that property.

Sold a property

When you finalise the sale of a property in your portfolio, your conveyancer will draw up a completion statement. Our accountants will need a copy of this along with any correspondence from your mortgage lender about the final status of your mortgage.

Simply email us copies of your documents to