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Guide to transferring property to a limited company

Why incorporate a property portfolio?

“Can I transfer my buy-to-let property into a company?”

One of the many questions we’re asked by clients is if they can transfer their personally held buy-to-let properties into a limited company structure. The answer is, “yes, but it’s complicated.”

Small portfolio

Many landlords with smaller portfolios find it’s often more financially viable to retain their personally held properties, using a limited company to purchase additional properties.

Large portfolio

However, landlords with larger portfolios may find that the long-term savings of incorporating their property business outweigh the initial costs.

It’s important to remember that transferring personally held properties to a limited company is a sale and purchase transaction, and therefore subject to the usual taxes and costs associated with purchasing property.

We strongly recommend that you seek professional property tax advice before starting the incorporation process. Book an expert tax consultation now →

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