Buy-to-let tax calculator

Developed by our property tax experts and our award-winning software development team, our buy-to-let tax calculator is designed to help landlords forecast tax and profits from rental properties.

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The tax rules that apply depend on the ownership structure of the property. Our calculator gives results for both privately owned and limited company owned buy-to-let properties, based on the following property goals:

Buy another property after this one

Calculate how long it will take you to save the profits from your buy to let to fund another property purchase. Compare limited company owned vs privately owned.

Save the profits and build a nest egg

Calculate capital growth, cumulative profit and ROI

Generate a regular income

Calculate annual net profit and ROI. Compare earnings after tax by limited company owned vs privately owned.

Buy-to-let property tax calculator

Use our buy-to-let and SPV limited company tax calculator to forecast taxes and profits based on your property goals.