Upgrade rental properties
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Maintain and upgrade your rental properties

From repairing a broken window to converting a property to an HMO, we’ll make sure you’re maximising your opportunities to save tax and increase profits.

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Mobile expenses

Track and claim day to day maintenance and expenses

Use our mobile app to track your day to day expenses, such as glass for a broken window or a trip to a DIY store. Plus, our handy mileage tracker allows you to claim the cost of trips in your own car. Behind the scenes, we’ll automatically offset your expenses and mileage, reducing your tax bill.


Upgrade your investment properties with confidence

From a complete refurbishment to an HMO conversion, we’re here to help with major improvements too. LiveCash tells you exactly how much cash you have available to invest and we’ll then help you track the investment costs. Once the work is complete, you can revalue your portfolio, giving you a clear view of your capital, ready to buy your next investment property.


A complete audit trail for compliance and peace of mind

Our built-in receipt storage meets HMRC’s record-keeping requirements, meaning you don’t have to store physical copies of receipts. Simply snap a photo using our mobile app and we’ll store a digital copy for you, securely.