Late payment and tax return filing penalties

If payment or filing deadlines are missed, HMRC & Companies House don't hesitate in issuing a penalty with interest charges if payments are overdue.


Late filing of RTI submissions result in HMRC penalties of £100 per late submission. With a submission generally required for each tax month, these penalties can become significant.

Provestor takes care of your RTI submissions for you each time a payslip is created.


If you miss a VAT return filing or payment deadline, HMRC apply surcharges that are a percentage of the VAT due. If you miss filing a return, HMRC will estimate your VAT due and apply the surcharge to their estimate.

Corporation Tax

If a Corporation Tax return is filed late the HMRC penalties increase the later the return becomes. The automatic penalty starts at £100 that starts to increase after 3 months.

Self Assessment

The automatic HMRC penalty for filing a Self Assessment Tax Return late is £100. This starts to increase after a return becomes 3 months late. These penalties can be complicated as they also charge interest.

Company accounts

For late filing of accounts Companies House penalties start at £150 when accounts are 1 day late increasing to £1,500 if accounts are delivered over 6 months late.