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Buy more properties or withdraw your profits, tax efficiently

Save for your next rental property, top up your pension or simply return cash to you and your partner: with a property business, the choice is yours.

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Buy properties

Buy your next rental property

Our LiveCash feature shows you exactly how much cash you’ve saved for your next property deposit, in real-time, after accounting for taxes. This gives you the confidence to act quickly and make an affordable offer in the fast-moving property market, without having to resort to complicated or out-of-date manual calculations.


Top up your pension

If you're using a limited company, you can make contributions to your pension directly from your property investment company. Pension payments reduce your corporation tax bill, meaning they're usually more tax-efficient than making the contribution from your own funds.

Withdraw cash from SPV

Withdraw cash, tax-efficiently

You can withdraw profit as a lump sum, or as a regular payment. If you're using a limited company, use our built-in tax planner for real-time personal tax planning, then use our dividend tool to pay yourself tax-efficient dividends whenever you want. What’s more, our app has unique safeguards to ensure your dividends are correct and lawful.

SPV employees

Become an employer

As your portfolio grows, you may wish to employ someone to help run your company, such as a partner or family member. Our team will set up and manage your HMRC payroll scheme, and our easy-to-use automated payroll will produce payslips month in, month out.