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The service we offer to clients

Our all-inclusive service has everything your clients need to manage their portfolio's finances and taxes, from as little as £59/month.

Tailored tax advice for property investors

We're passionate about property, and we know that good tax advice can help investors thrive, and achieve their goals sooner.

That's why we provide tailored tax advice via our one-to-one tax consultations, which are ideal for first-time investors.

From mitigating section 24 (mortgage interest relief) to tax efficient shareholdings, expert advice from our accountants is available whenever your investors need it.

Pre-appointment advice

If your landlords aren't quite ready to sign up, they can pay a one-off fee for specialist advice and we'll refund it if they join us in the future

One-to-one phone calls

Your clients will get the advice they need from our experienced UK property tax accountants

Start up or switch

Whether your clients are starting out in their property journey or have well established portfolios, Provestor is here to help.

New starters

We specialise in the start-up and management of property businesses. We'll set up an SPV for your landlords, get them registered at HMRC and even help them open a business bank account.

Established portfolios

If your landlords already have an established property portfolio, we'll work with them and their accountants to make the transfer to our expert service and unique app as smooth as possible.

Accounting app built for property investors

Our pioneering property accounting app works seamlessly alongside agent and managed property software, meaning your landlords will have everything they need in one simple place.

Its wide range of features allows landlords to track rent, tenancy expiry dates and portfolio growth, as well as accept online payments, record expenses and mileage, and upload receipts.

We're one of only a handful of FCA approved accountancy firms, so they can have confidence that their data is safe with us. We can connect securely to their bank and keep their accounts up to date.

Accounts & returns

Simple but effective. Underpinning our service is a solid compliance service and quality systems, delivered by our team of experienced and qualified accountants. We’ll take care of preparing and filing all of your clients' accounts and returns, and we have a reputation for prompt and accurate filing.

We're MTD ready too. From April 2023, landlords will have new digital tax reporting requirements, meaning they'll have to report their income quarterly. With Provestor they're covered.

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