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The clients we support

With our team of property experts, we can support a wide range of investors, no matter how their investments are structured.

Support for landlords with portfolios of all sizes

1-20 properties

Whether your landlords are just starting out or have well established portfolios, we've got them covered.

Personal or ltd company

We'll support your landlords in whichever way is most tax efficient for them. We'll even help them decide.

Group structures

No matter how complex your clients' affairs are, we can help. We'll even set up and manage group structures for them.

Transfer of properties into SPV

If your landlords are looking to change the way they've invested, following the recent Section 24 changes, we can help every step of the way.

A wide range of support from BTL to commercial

It's not just buy-to-let owners we can help. We're experts in:

  • HMOs

  • Serviced accommodation

  • Holiday lets / Airbnbs

  • Rent to rent

  • Flipping / trading

  • Commercial

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In order to give our clients a 5-star service, there are some limitations to what our expertise can cover. Here are the rare occasions where we're unable to help.

Overseas property

Landlords with properties overseas would normally benefit from an accountant in that country.

Non-UK residents who aren't UK domicile

Non-UK residents who aren't currently living in the UK will need specialist support.

Property developers with CIS implications

Any landlords caught within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) would need specialist support also.

Developers buying materials

If your developer clients are using contractors to help, no problem. If they're buying materials themselves, unfortunately we can't help.