What is a SIC code?

Companies House requires every limited company to identify its business activities by industry and sector using at least one SIC code (maximum of 4) which stands for Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities. It's important to get your code right otherwise you are likely to experience problems opening bank accounts or obtaining a mortgage. The SIC codes used by businesses in the property sector are:

SIC codeClassification descriptionType of business activities
68209Other letting and operating of own or leased real estateThis is the category typically used by landlords for their buy to let rental properties
68100Buying and selling of own real estateThis category is for trading or flipping of properties where they are purchased and sold for profit, not for investment
41100Development of building projectsThis is for property developers building brand new properties or, converting existing buildings for resale, for example commercial to residential
68310Real estate agenciesThis category is for sourcing properties and when you’re acting as an agent
68320Management of real estate on a fee or contract basisThis is for property management companies
64209Holding companyActivities of other holding companies

You can view and search a full list here and choose the one that is most appropriate for your business activities.