Company addresses and our services

There are two addresses for your limited company that you will use day to day, a registered office address and your trading address. It's important to understand the difference.

Trading address 

This is where your business is conducted from day to day and is likely to be your home address, or if you have one, your office address. 

The trading address is where you will receive correspondence related to trading activities of your business, for example:

  1. Business and property insurances

  2. Bank accounts and mortgages

  3. Agency correspondence

  4. Subscriptions and services

Registered office address 

This is the address given to Companies House for the official address of a company. It used by Companies House and HMRC for official correspondence. 

The registered office address is visible on public records and is accessible to anyone. For this reason many business owners prefer not to use their home address.

To help protect your privacy, the Provestor service includes the use of our office address as your company registered office address:

1 Derwent Business Centre,
Clarke Street,

Registered office address limitations

Please don't use your registered office address for your day to day business activities. Instead, use your trading address. Forwarding of trading related correspondence is not included in our monthly fee.