Ending a tenancy

When a tenancy comes to an end, you'll need to update your tenant records in Provestor and finalise your rent invoices.

1. Delete the repeating rent invoice

If you've set-up an automatic repeating invoice, you'll need to stop them being generated.

  1. In the menu select Rent then Invoices

  2. Click the filter 'Any type' then select repeating invoices

  3. Click on the repeating invoice you need to stop

  4. Click the delete button


Instead of editing a repeating invoice to reflect the amount due for the final rent invoice, delete the repeating invoice and create the final rent invoice manually

2. Send the final rent invoice

If you have a final rent invoice due for payment, calculate the rent due, create the invoice then send it to your tenant. 

3. Set the end date of the tenancy

So the Provestor software knows the tenancy has come to an end and for accurate records, you need to set the end date of the tenancy.

  1. In the menu bar, click Properties & tenancies, then tenancies

  2. Select the tenancy then click the edit button

  3. Set the end date of the tenancy term to the last day of the tenancy

  4. Save