Transfer between accounts

If you have multiple bank accounts then you're likely to be moving money between them. These transactions are recorded using inter account transfers in Provestor.

Additional accounts

If you need an account setting up in Provestor such as a new savings account, contact your account manager and they'll add it for you.

By default in Provestor you'll have a current account in your bookkeeping section. A limited company will also have at least one directors loan account and personally owned portfolios will have drawing accounts.

Recording transfers between bank accounts

There are 2 steps to the process:

  1. Record the transfer of the money against the account it is moving from

  2. Reconcile / match the transaction in the account to which it was moved to

Step 1: Record the transfer ‘from’

In Bookkeeping, select the account that you are transferring from. In this example we are transferring £3,000 from the Business current account to the Business savings account.

  1. Select Enter new transaction followed by Transfer to another account

  2. Enter the details of the transaction as it appears on your current account statement

  3. Click the match box to reconcile the transaction in your books

There is now an entry in the account the money was transferred from. In this example £3,000 is shown leaving the account.

Step 2: Match the transaction in the account it was transferred to

Once you've completed the step above, Provestor will automatically create the matching transaction in the account that the money was transferred to. You need to match / reconcile it.

  1. Select the account that the money was transferred to

  2. Click the transaction, press Edit

  3. Confirm the details match your statement of the account it was transferred to

  4. Check the match box and save