Connecting Provestor to your bank

Bank transactions can be imported into Provestor automatically using secure Opening Banking. Using the statement importer makes bookkeeping up to 6 times faster than manual entry and reduces the risk of errors significantly.

Your bookkeeping records are used to prepare your tax returns, year end accounts and realtime LiveCash. Importing transactions helps ensure your records are complete and your taxes, accounts and LiveCash are accurate.

Enabling your statement importer

There are two ways the statement importer can receive your bank transactions, either by using Open Banking (recommended) or by drag and drop uploading of electronic bank statements.

Both are enabled by selecting your bank account in your bookkeeping screen then click the ‘Setup statement importer’ button.

Open banking connection

With a secure connection to your bank using the latest Open Banking technology, we'll automatically import your business bank transactions each working day. Transactions appear in your statement importer without you having to log in to your bank or upload any files.

Once connected, we'll automatically import your recent transactions to start working on.

Note: Before the bank feeds will start working in your statement importer you need an exact match of the balance shown in your bookkeeping with your bank balance. Without this the feed cannot connect or start importing transactions.

Our connection only allows us to read your transactions - payments or transfers cannot be initiated by Provestor.

Uploading electronic bank statements

Alternatively you can download statements from your online bank and upload them into Provestor. Once you’ve uploaded a file your transactions will instantly appear in your statement importer for matching.

Banks that support Open Banking

LiveBeta - may experience interruptions Currently not offered by these bank
Cater Allen
Yorkshire Bank
Bank of Scotland

This service is provided by inni ltd, the FCA regulated parent company of Provestor. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.